iPhone 15 Series Launch Could Be The End Of the iPhone Mini Lineup
Apple introduced the Mini model with the iPhone 12 series and continued with the iPhone 13 lineup before replacing it with the Plus variant.
iPhone 15 Series Launch Could Be The End Of the iPhone Mini Lineup

Apple will be launching the new iPhone 15 series this week which could bring an end to another iPhone series in the market. Reports say that after launching the iPhone 15 Apple will discontinue the iPhone Mini lineup which hasn’t garnered enough traction for the company over the past few years since the Mini series made its debut.

Rumours of the iPhone Mini going off the shelf have been circulating since the start of 2023 and it seems we finally have a timeline that makes a lot of sense for Apple to pull the plug.

Apple introduced the iPhone Mini because of its apparent wish to entice people who love small phones but the market numbers have shown those people are clearly in a minority. Apple decided to shift its focus from the Minis and increase production of the Pro models to meet the growing demand.

In fact, last year Apple decided to change its strategy, replacing the iPhone Mini with the iPhone 14 Plus variant that goes in the opposite direction to small phones. If the iPhone 13 Mini does get discontinued then Apple will only have the iPhone SE 2022 as the lone model which caters to small phone enthusiasts.

But we don’t expect that model to exist for long either, as Apple seems to be readying an all-new iPhone SE 4 version that will borrow its design features from the iPhone X series. It will be sad to see the iPhone Mini lineup going away but if you are in a country like India, chances are you can still get it for a bargain, and continue to use the phone till Apple continues to offer new iOS upgrades and other after-sale support.

Asus is probably the only brand left in the market that continues to offer small-sized phones like the ZenFone 10 and the company will continue with the strategy for the coming years, as it had confirmed recently in a post.


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