Fraud of Crore's in the name of investment in a 5-star hotel
The victims had Invested more than 3 Crores in the friend's real-estate company. Police registered a case
Fraud of Crore's in the name of investment in a 5-star hotel

A person lied to his friend in order to invest in a 5-star hotel. The victim was lured by the accused who had big dreams. The victim discovered that he had been cheated and filed a complaint with the police. The matter is under investigation by the police

Arun Mehra and Anita Mehra, a couple, told police that Prateek Rao, Arun's friend, and Vijay Singh Rao own Ninaniya Estate real estate company. Prateek Rao serves as the company's Managing Director. Prateek approached Arun to ask him to invest in Prism Hotel & Suits, a 5-star hotel being built in Gwal Pahadi by his real-estate company. He spoke about a guaranteed 15 percent return on investment. Prateek Rao stated that he had invested three crore rupees into the company.

The police officer asked him if Prateek and his dad had informed him at the time that the project was RERA-registered. However, he later discovered that the project had actually been provisionally registered. He also failed to complete the project in time. He finally agreed to give him two suits after putting a lot of pressure on himself. There was also talk of giving him Mewat a farmhouse, but that idea never materialized.

After talking for quite some time and finding no solution, he filed a police complaint. Police are investigating the matter

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