5 crore fraud case against 4 companies including OYO
Very low rates are shown in the register by taking high rates from customers, service
5 crore fraud case against 4 companies including OYO

A case of cheating has come to light in the name of running the OYO Room Hotel by taking a building in Mayfield Garden, Sector-51. A company has filed a case against four companies including OYO Room for cheating of about Rs 5 crore in Sector-50 police station. The police are investigating the matter.

Yogesh Kapoor, an officer of M/s NSK Hospitality Company said that his company had entered into an agreement by handing over its building in Sector-51 Mayfield Garden to Alcott Town Planner Company. According to this agreement, Alcott Company was to start OYO Hotel and Hospitality service in it. It is alleged that his company was to be given a commission from the daily income in this. It is alleged that Alcott Company in connivance with OYO and My Preferred Transformation Company and Orvals Stage Company has cheated them of about Rs 5 crore. In the investigation conducted on their behalf, it was found that the accused companies used to charge high prices from the customers in the name of hotel booking, but very low prices were shown in the register shown to them. He had given permission to Alcott and OYO to use 31 rooms of the building, but 34 rooms were being used illegally. Apart from this, an error has also been found in the register.

He alleged that fraud was also being done by the accused in the name of GST. Apart from this, other charges including service charge/brand charge were collected from the customers in whose name fraud was also done. In this regard, he has lodged a complaint with the Sector-50 police station. Police said they will look into the matter and do the need full  investigation

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